May 2006

Post-production has begun on Voodoo Dolly.

We will be attending the Fango Convention in Burbank the first weekend in June 2006.


April 2006

Slaughtered is released as part of a 2 disc set of horror videos called: "Savage Sickos"

it is available at as well as Best Buy and others.


Feb and March 2006

Voodoo Dolly shoots in Arcadia, Temple City and Burbank CA.

October 2005 through May 2006

Anthony Doublin works on the lighting crew for the 2nd. Season of "Robot Chicken" on the Cartoon Network.

July 2005

Just completed the Script for "Voodoo Dolly". Pre-production begins, with shooting to begin FALL of 2005.

"Slaughtered" will be released on DVD in this country March of 2006.

"Slaughtered" has all ready sold in at least one forein territory. with more to come. Still waiting to hear which one.

We have been sending out screeners of "Slaughtered" to different Horror websites. For review.

As the reviews come in, we'll be posting links.

Feburary 2005

Website up-dated with Quicktime Trailers and new artwork.

Anthony Doublin finishes and delivers all elements to Braindamaged Films.

December 2004.

Anthony Doublin signs a distribution deal for "Slaughtered" with Braindamaged Films. Slaughtered is tentatively scheduled to excape late spring or early summer 2005


August 2004.

Philip Calderone and Anthony Doublin are shooting their second made for DVD feature, Titled "Manhater". More information will be posted on this project.

Post- production continues.


July 2004

Anthony Doublin finishes post-production on "Slaughtered" and begins the search for distribution.

Creating marketing materials and this website.




More to come....