At the age of 5 was given a Kodak Brownie still camera, neighbor gave me $2.00 for picture I took of him.

Became fascinated with animation after viewing, "How to" section on the Woody Woodpecker" show. My father built me a drawing table in basement,, so I could learn animation. I used to draw flipbooks, making cannons fire and airplanes fly, as you flipped the pages.

My Parents and Grandmother took me to the movie theatre, all the time.
"Rodan" and "Godzilla" scared the crap out of me!

At the age of 7 years old, My parents took me to see "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad".
I wanted to know were the monsters came from. And how???

At the age of nine, my mother called me into the house, to watch a movie that had thrilled her as a little girl. It was the first time I saw the original "King Kong".
I was hooked forever on special effects and monsters.

As a Boy Scout, I talked my troop into producing, a 8mm film about camping.
Featuring my very first Make up effect. Making my brother's leg appear to be broken.

After pestering my parents for years, in Junior High School, I bought with my own money, My very first 8mm-movie camera. The world hasn't been safe since. through out junior high and High school, I produced my very own movies, Starring my friends, always featuring Dinosaurs, monsters and effects.

After graduating from Saddleback high school in Santa Ana.

I attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California Mesa, at the time; they had the best film school of any local college.

After working as a theatre projectionist, in Orange County, California.

I also began my career in Motion Picture Production and Visual Effects.

Please see link to Professional Credit Resume.

Some of my Production skills have involved: Budgeting, Scheduling and Supervising through completion, various effects projects for other companies and myself.

"The Magic Lantern" Effects Supervisor and Co-Owner.
"Doublin Effects" Effects Supervisor and Owner.
"Introvision Systems" Model Shop and Construction Supervisor.
"David Stipes Productions" Effects Supervisor.
"Chiodo Bros. Productions" Effects Supervisor, Project Manager, Production Manager.

In addition, I have received professional recognition, as well.


in Special Visual Effects 1995.

EMMY in Special Visual Effects 1994.

Nominated Best Make-Up Effects.
[1986] "FROM BEYOND"
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

Nominated Best Make-Up Effects.
[1985] "RE-ANIMATOR"
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

Through the process of creating Visual Effects, which must be carefully planned and executed. Working with many first time Directors. You learn to hone your directing and story telling skills.

By starting with effects work, in some cases almost as a co-director, helping to line up shots

And block out the action, for the director and the actors. On the Feature "Sundown" I did Co-Direct the action scenes, involving my effects work.
On several Commercials and "Carnosaur" I was given the opportunity to work by myself as a second unit director.
Also on all three "Carnosaur" pictures as well as "Children of the Corn 3" I directed the Miniature Effects Unit, which worked very much as a Second Unit, during live action.

I have also Directed the low budget theatrical Feature film, "Future Wars".

I have also been very pleasantly surprised at the amount of professional information on the Internet about my career and myself: Google link.

Contact Tony at:

Executive Producer

Some teenagers spend hours doing useless but enjoyable things like hanging out at malls or surf shops while others spend their time building Star Trek sets in their basements and making 8mm movies. You can guess which one was me. The thing is that I never looked at it as a stepping stone to a career-would have been fun but too impractical. 

Jump ahead a few years to the early nineties. Paramount Studios had decided that writing Star Trek: The Next Generation was so difficult (coming up with new material) that they were open to outside submissions; probably the only television show to do so. That got me going and the result is documented on my early web site; you can read the whole tale at  

That didn't work out but it made me realize that I had an interest production. After some serious thought trying to decide between writing and production, I decided that the greater interest was in production so it was off to UCLA Extension and AFI for two years of instruction in everything from film financing to post-production editing with a dozen topics in between. 


Unfortunately, the one thing missing was business education. The result was an ill-conceived production company that basically went nowhere. Rather than pursuing projects of true interest we pursued projects to make some money with the thought that this would eventually lead to the ones of interest. Mistake number two. 

Fold up shop once again and go back to work making a steady paycheck outside of the industry. Raise two boys, spend time as a cub scout leader and band parent-the right decision for that time of life. This is where I met Tony Doublin. Our boys were in the same cub scout den and we spent a few years camping and building small-town parade floats together, to great success as we pulled five straight Sweepstakes trophies with that great group of kids and parents. 

Jump ahead again to 2003. After a career of working for others, Tony had decided to make his own movie. He knew of my interest in production, needed cheap labor for, shall we say a "tight-budget" movie, and asked if I was interested in participating.  

Well that did it. The flame that I had tried to snuff years ago came back to life and I realized that, try as you may, a true interest never dies. I came on board for Slaughtered as First Assistant Director and Script Supervisor.  


I had never planned or expected to be working on a horror film, but here I was, joining a long list of filmmakers who started their careers on horror, and it was great fun-a fun set with a group of people who were all having a great time. 


What comes next is writing and production on other movie projects but for all time, Slaughtered will be the project that brought me back in. 

Phil Calderone 



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