Biography: Cheri Lynn (Dayna)


My name is Cheri Lynn. I was born and raised in Southern California. I have lived in various states throughout my life, and have gleaned a bit from each, but I still call Southern California my home. I enjoy all the state has to offer. I am very much an outdoors type of gal, so the beaches and mountains have become my haven.I started dabbling in modeling back at the age of 16, but the paths of life lead me in another direction at that time, but my love for the camera never stopped. Now, I am jumping in with both feet and have made a second career for myself in the industry. For what started off as a self-esteem builder, has grown into print and acting work. I enjoy modeling and acting for various reasons. The first being, fun and excitement. Being in front of the camera, you can see what part of yourself comes across to the image or character being photographed or played out. Second, would have to be the many different and wonderful people I have met. Many whom I call friends. In any other situation would have never had the opportunity to meet. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me...Take care





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