Biography Ariel Carmine (Roxi)

The adult supermodel! Acknowledged by makeup artist and photographers alike for being a supermodel in the adult industry, Ariel Carmine or Ariel X is one of the fastest rising stars in the fetish/adult scene. Standing at a mere 5'4" tall and weighing in at 105lb on a bad day, she appears absolute and pristine on film, but her naughty girl antics on and off film give us a glimpse as to why she's been so successful in the adult modeling industry even though she has made it abundantly clear that she does not do triple X boy/girl work, Photographers and men magazines such as Cheri, have no problem publishing her "not so hard core" work.

Born May 15th 1980, mother and father raised her along 7 of her siblings. She grew up in some what of a "farm" atmosphere, which probably gave her the sweet hometown girl sense she has about her. A loner in High school, she found things other than sports and drama to keep her occupied in her spare time, she found the joys of fetishes. She got her first shoot set up in July of 2003. in a years time she's been featured on several websites, had articles written about her, interviews performed, pictures published, transvestites impersonating her (her most valued form of flattery),been on a few silly reality tv shows, recorded a single that was scheduled for release in Europe in 2005 and has co-starred in several independent films. In one year this girl has accomplished what some models don't even see in an entire career and at the rate she's going now, we don't see her slowing down any time soon.


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