Biography: Chris Smith aka Khhryst (Harold)


Chris Smith was born in Santa Ana California Sept 5 1980.
At the age of 4 his family relocated to Orange, California. Around the time of the move his parents had a daughter Alyssa Smith.
At a young age he had already been showing his interest in a darker depressed surrealism, something more reflective than which he shared with his fellow students. At the age of 9, Chris received his first guitar.
He loved movies while he was growing up.
Chris began a band at the age of fifteen. Chris sought out people whom shard the same views as himself. Chris used his abilities on and off stage. Art, sculpting, singing, guitar, acting.
Finally getting into computer based music. Chris is still working with long time friend Carlos Alaniz,
Chris met photographer Simone. They would hang out at clubs and she would photograph.
Simone introduced him to her friend Monty. Who put him in his first film, which was a silent film featuring Tippy Hedron from Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds.
Soon after, Chris met fetish model Domiana on Halloween of 2002.
Domiana pushed Chris in his modeling and persuaded him to put up a profile on One Model Place.
This is how Tony Doublin found him. Chris was a natural and took to the acting with ease. Chris learned a lot from making Slaughtered.
Chris made another move as well called "Dream of Alvareen".
Chris is currently focused on his music and releasing a full-length c.d.